Quality Policy

Incoluz was founded in March 2003 by a group of people from one of the most important companies dedicated to the implementation of corporate image.

We are dedicated to the design, production and assembly of corporate image elements, institutional and applied to decoration and advertising, merchandising, street furniture, marketing of commercial furniture, signage, illuminated and non-luminous signs

Since then the growth of our activity has been constant, thanks to the inestimable collaboration of our Clients.

The human team that makes up our company (from top management to factory operators), has been the architect in recent years of the most outstanding actions in key sectors of the economy (financial institutions, energy, communications, transport, public administrations , franchises, etc.). Among our labels, the most important companies in these sectors stand out.

Incoluz aware that its future in the sector is determined by the satisfaction of its customers, the protection of the environment and the safety and health of the people who are part of it, is committed to keep integrated, in its management and in the development of its processes and services, the principles of quality, protection of the environment and prevention of occupational risks. Therefore, following a process of constant evolution, it has defined and implemented the following commitments:


           • Maintain the quality of our services, exceeding our expectations and that of our customers, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

           • Have a real and sustained growth based on the optimization of benefits and continuous improvement.

           • Create a culture of integral management based on the fulfillment of the quality of the service, the sustainable use of resources, the protection of the environment and the prevention of contamination and the safety and health of our workers, training and motivating staff about the importance of complying with the client's requirements, minimizing the environmental impact of our activity by controlling our significant environmental aspects and those associated with the rational consumption of natural resources, the efficient management of waste and the prevention of pollution.

           • Accept the commitment to comply with the applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements and others, that the organization subscribes related to our products and environmental aspects in terms of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Risks, and in accordance with all compliance obligations to improve continuously the effectiveness of the management system.

           • Develop our activity ensuring the prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of our workers, as well as other interested parties, achieving a high level of safety and health at work.

           • Internally disseminate the content of the Policy, Programs and Objectives of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Risks, promoting actions of participation, awareness, information and theoretical and practical training, integrating our suppliers and customers in the commitment. In addition, this policy will be displayed in visible places, available to the public or other interested parties who request it.


This Policy is mandatory for all Incoluz staff and serves as a framework to establish and review the objectives of quality, environment and prevention.

In Logroño, August 20, 2018